Massachusetts & Southern New Hampshire Retail/Wholesale Gasoline Solutions

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  • A.L. Prime Energy Consultants, Inc. operates retail gasoline facilities, distributes wholesale fuel, oils and provides consulting services to the retail gasoline industry in New England.


A. L. Prime Energy employees a full time in house team to support the construction, maintenance and service needs of our facilities. Underground storage tank removal...

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About AL Prime Energy Consultants


For over 30 years, A. L. Prime Energy has provided competitive pricing and quality gasoline and diesel products in the Boston and Southern New Hampshire markets...

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A. L. Prime Energy provides safe and reliable petroleum transportation services within the New England area. Our drivers are up-to-date with their licensing, training and safety requirements...

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We provide wholesale fuel supply options to unbranded gas customers, diesel products, & commercial wholesale end users. Competitive rack, fixed, formula based pricing...

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About Us

Established in 1991, A. L. Prime Energy is a locally owned company serving customers in communities throughout New England offering unmatched service and reliability, while providing the consumer with the best possible value for their money.

Frequently Ask questions

Credit card companies often place a temporary charge on customers account as “authorization protection”. These charges are most often reversed within a days. Unfortunately, A.L Prime Energy has nothing to do with these charges. If you don’t see these reversed, please contact your bank.

The credit card companies have set October 2020 as the deadline for outside dispensers to have EMV chip readers. Most all stores accept EMV inside. If you would like to use your EMV card to purchase gasoline, see the store clerk.

Please email our Real Estate Division and let them know you are interested in franchise opportunities.

We provide innovative Fuel product solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market.

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